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Nigerians Set To Boycott Olamide’s OLIC 2019?

Olamide started making headlines for terrible reasons after his new song with Lil Kesh, Logo Benz, went viral.

Many Nigerians seem to believe the track promotes money rituals especially because of the part of the lyrics that reads: “If money no enter, I go do blood money.” and they stormed Twitter to share their dsiapproval as they wondered how an influential artiste with a huge following can join in a song with such words.

To correct their statements, Olamide also took to his handle to explain that the song was only to create awareness about the things happening around us in the society.

Obviously not pleased with his explanation, a number of people have taken to their handles to call for the boycott of the singer’s upcoming show, Olamide Live In Concert (OLIC).

Tweets like “Those are examples of some songs that create awareness on societal problems without celebrating it or making it look cool. Olamide OLIC 2019👎”

“As per boycotting OLIC, yes, that’s what would happen in saner climes. Where fans who are dissapointed (even if they still love him) will let him know that endorsing money rituals can never be OK. So yes, if I were going for OLIC, I would change my mind bcos of that stupid song.”

“Olamide was featured in a song promoting/commending ritual killings for money and will be hosting OLIC. Just imagine the sets of people that would be there. If you’re adamant on going, just leave your pants and destiny at home.”

“Olamide’s lyrics on Logo Benz with Lil Kesh won’t affect OLIC because his target audience isn’t on Twitter. That doesn’t mean people don’t have a reason to be outraged by a song that promotes Blood Money or means they hate him. Ritual is evil/cruel, that’s why this is attrocious.”


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