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Nigerian Army Recruitment 2019 – How To Apply

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Nigerian Army Recruitment 2019 – How To Apply


Nigerian Army Recruitment 2019. You are yet to get the form, or you really want to serve the country but do not have good knowledge of how the Nigerian Army System works, then this article is for you. We will tell you all you need to know to start from the enrolment to finish. Read up. 🙂

The Nigerian Army which is one of the integral section of the country’s Armed forces as Wikipedia rightly states and has established in the 1960s takes over the responsibility of handling the nation’s security and land warfare operations.

This agency embodies over 150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty thousand) soldiers supervised by 6,000 (Six Thousand) officers and more. The Nigerian army currently is centered on four major divisions running across the North and South of the nation.

The Nigerian Army maintains at least 82 different weapon systems and 194 types of ammunition, of 62 different categories, from 14 manufacturers worldwide.


This section of this post is to simply enlighten you some more on the subject before you completely make up your mind to enroll in the Nigerian Army Recruitment. Just a few fun facts to prepare you for what you are about to sign up for. Hopefully, you find these facts helpful.

  1. The ranking system according to the Nigerian Army in ascending order (Lowest to Highest) of which there are 17 (Seventeen ranks):
    • Lance Corporal
    • Corporal
    • Sergeant
    • Staff Sergeant
    • Warrant Officer
    • Master Warrant Officer
    • Second Lieutenant
    • First Lieutenant
    • Captain
    • Major
    • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Colonel
    • Brigadier
    • Major General
    • Lieutenant General
    • General
    • Field Marshal
  2. The Training System: The training for the Nigerian Army is called the Boot Camp Training which usually runs for what seems like 10 (Ten) weeks. During the training, the procedure is divided into three sections(Stages with different activities and training aim) namely;
    • The Red Stage: This is the first and foremost stage of the Nigerian Army training sometimes called the “shakedown” or Stage 1. In this stage, the recruits go through a series of mental re-orientation to transform their civilian mindset to that of the military force. These mental drills are usually done in the classroom and not on the field, this stage is more like a theoretical stage of the training. The recruits are mainly taught the essence of teamwork and personal discipline drills, the fundamental basis and introduction to the Nigerian Armed forces as usually done in schools when introduced to a new course. Also, there are a few field drills where the recruits are taught to assemble, disassemble and carry their weapons, marching drills (parade), fitness training and hand to hand combat.
    • White Stage (Stage 2): In this stage, the recruits are taught advanced combat skills, weapon, and physical fitness training. They are taken through security awareness drills and discipline, Compass reading and Map reading as well as advanced marksmanship (hitting targets with firearms or thrown objects). The good thing about this stage is that it just lasts for 2 (Two) weeks, making it the shortest stage during training.
    • Blue Stage (Stage 3): The final stage just advances all the training and drills in the previous stages. This stage lasts for a period of 4 (Four) weeks.
    • The Department of Army Training and Operations (DATOPS) is responsible for training, planning and directing of military operations. The Department is headed by the chief of training and operations Army (CTOP ‘A’).
    • Also, the fact that the Nigerian Army is divided into 11 (Eleven) active departments would be drawn to you.
    1. Directorate of Army Policy and Plans
    2. Directorate of Army Training and Operations
    3. Directorate of Army Logistics
    4. Directorate of Army Administration
    5. Directorate of Army Standards and Evaluation
    6. Directorate of Civil-Military Affairs
    7. Directorate of Army Welfare Limited/GTE
    8. Army Transformation and Innovation Centre
    9. Nigerian Army Military Secretary
    10. Nigerian Army Legal Services
    11. Directorate of Army Public Relations


Now you have a fair idea of what the force is about, listed below are few requirements you must possess in order to be able to enroll in the recruitment. Without these prerequisites, there might be no chance of you going through the first level in the recruitment phase.

  1. Applicants who are interested in the recruitment must be of Nigerian origin by birth and possess National Identity Number (NIN) or valid ID card (driving license, voters’ card, international passport) showing that they are citizens of the country.
  2. Applicants must possess a minimum of 4 credits in not more than 2 sittings in WASSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB with credit pass in English and Mathematics respectively and in other cases, a pass relevant to your chosen course in the academy or a minimum UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination)score of 180.
  3. In the case of applying for Tradesman and Woman, obtaining an OND/Trade Test/ City and Guild Certificate is compulsory.
  4. Applicants must be no less than 18(eighteen years of age or more than 22 (twenty-two) years by March) 2019. If the application is based off on Non-Tradesmen and women. But for Trades Men and Women, the applicant must be no less than 18(eighteen years of age or more than 26 (twenty-six) years by March) 2019
  5. Applicants must be medical, physically, and psychologically fit and must not be less than 1.67metres (5 feet 5.748 inches) tall for male and 1.64metres (5 feet 4.567) inches tall for the female.
  6. Applicants must print their completed online forms, guarantor form and submit it at the examination/screening and recruitment center. You must obtain satisfactory results in the examination, physical and psychological screening to go further.
  7. Being able to speak a few other Nigerian languages other than your native language gives you an edge during screening.
  8. All applicants should have SCANNED copies of SSCE/GCE/NABTEB/NECO Result, Birth Certificate Result, FSLC (First School Leaving Certificate) Result, LGA (Local Government Area) Certificate, and Passport Photograph.


  1. The application is solely online, interested candidates should log on to the official website of the Nigerian Army to fill in the necessary forms
  2. The applicant must download the attested form after submission of your carefully filled form,

Potential candidates ought to be fully aware that only those who meet up the recruitment criteria will be invited to the examination/screening and recruitment center. Now that you have a fair idea into the background of the Nigerian Army, certain fun fact about the force, recruitment criteria and how to fill and submit your form, kindly take a few minutes to encourage this post if it was insightful by liking, leaving a comment and sharing to others.


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