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[MP3 Download] Album: MI Abaga – Yung Denzel

As we keep moving on with LAMBAugust, Mr Incredible, AKA MI Abaga released his Yung Denzel (Yxng Dxnzl) album today Friday, August 24, 2018, and there’s a whole lot of hip-hop revelations that should be passed on from generations to generations.

MI Abaga is obviously tired of the mediocrity that is being celebrated in the Nigerian hip-hop industry, and he decides to bounces back to the game and fix some stuffs.

Track list:

  1. Mi Abaga – Do You Know Who You Are? Take Sometime and Meditate on You

  2. Mi Abaga – Another Thing! Do Not Be A Groupie

  3. M.I Abaga – +- ft. Odunsi & Lady Donli

  4. MI Abaga – I Believe In You, You should too, Believe in You

  5. MI Abaga – Last Night I Had A Dream About A Hummingbird

  6. MI Abaga – Love Never Fails But Where There’ll Cease To Remain

  7. MI Abaga – Stop! Never Second Guess Yourself

  8. MI Abaga – You Rapper Should Fix Up Your Lives

  9. MI Abaga – The Self Evaluation Of Yxng Dxnzl

  10. MI Abaga – You Are Like A Melody, My Heart Skips A Beat


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