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[Lyrics] Bishop Mykstrings – His Presence

LYRICS: His Presence by Bishop Mykestrings

Call: There is none  like you cause you reign in majesty
Resp.: Lord you reign
Call: my heart beat of your loving kindness
Resp.: Lord you reign
   Chr.    Aribiti Yahweh Yahweh /4x
Solo1. Eggs to birds
           Seeds to trees
           Fluids to babies
    And hardship to relief
           Zero to hero
           Grass to grace
           Moon to light
          Maker of them all (Back to chr.)
Solo2:  In the oceans the fish swims without colliding,
In skies the birds fly without clashing, invisible as the wind  that we feel upon our chick Jesus do them all….(BTC)
Solo3: Spirit of the Lord brooding narekelamo narekelemo
Solo4: your presence Lord fill this place
Resp. Yahweh Yahweh  BTC


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