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INEC Will Not Disappoint Nigerians – Mahmood Yakubu

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, has said that the commission will not put Nigeria and the world to shame in the conduct of the forthcoming general election.

He said that the Commission was aware that the world was watching it with high hope, adding that what happened in 2015 was certainly not a fluke, as the commission hoped that 2019 would be a further affirmation of maturity of Nigeria democracy.

“We cannot afford to disappoint Nigerians; we shall not disappoint the international community. Each time we have visitors like you we have been encouraged. “We are aware that the eyes of the world are on Nigeria for the reasons you have mentioned and more.

“We are also aware that in 2015 Nigeria conducted elections that were commended around the world.

“We have been a beneficiary of the elections. Each time we traveled on election observation around the world, people not only to praise the achievements of Nigeria in 2015, but wish to learn on the experience of Nigeria. “It is 36 days today from the 2019 election; already the long term observation mission of the European Union is in Nigeria for the election, this is a further affirmation of the interest of the international community on elections.’’

“What Nigeria achieved in 2015 and what we hope to achieve in 2019 is not just in the handiwork of what you see in the commission, but also the commission we received from the international community. “So we appreciate these supports and I want to assure you that we will not let the world down.’’


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