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Fela Kuti Would’ve Eventually Joined Politics If He Was Alive – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti has claimed that his dad, Fela Kuti, would have eventually joined politics if he was still alive.

He noted that his father would have even been the president of Nigeria.

In an interview with TVC, the afrobeat singer noted that his father would never have supported the political parties in Nigeria.

According to him, his father would have decided to lead the county himself rather than agree with the ideology of the political parties we have.

He said: “If #Fela was alive, he will be President of Nigeria. I don’t have a PVC because I don’t believe in any candidate or in the political setup as it is.”

When asked why he is so quick to respond to anyone who says anything about his father online, he noted that people are trying to disgrace his father’s legacy for their own selfish reasons. Seun said: ”I will not stand by and watch anyone bastadize his legacy. Everybody wants to smoke Igbo, chase plenty girls. For those reasons you think you are Fela….No!”


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