Diamond Bank Transfer Code - How To Transfer Money With USSD

Diamond Bank Transfer Code – How To Transfer Money With USSD

Diamond Bank Money Transfer code is definitely the easiest and best inventions from Diamond Bank for users who want to transfer money or transfer airtime from their bank accounts using a specific USSD code at any place in time as far as they have their phones with them. With the Diamond Bank Money Transfer code users are not limited to any transaction, I will liken this medium to the manual method of accessing the Diamond Bank services while the internet banking method can be referred to as the automatic method. It is right for you to know that this service will work for you wherever you are in this country at any time, be It mid-night or daytime.

Diamond Bank Transfer Code

What can I Do with The Diamond Bank USSD Code?

  • Check Account Balance
  • Transfer Money within and outside Diamond Banks as far as it’s within Nigeria.
  • Transfer Airtime
  • All these amazing features at your fingertip without you needing data to access the internet or log in to your internet banking.

Why Should You Use the Diamond Bank Money Transfer Code?

  1. The Ease: Comfortability is one thing every person wants. Instead of the whole stress of going to the bank, standing on that long queue feeling like you will get crippled soon, you can carry out all transactions from the comfort of wherever you are without moving an inch by merely dialing a simple code.
  2. Security: Hey! Don’t tell me you still feel safe walking around with tremendous amount of cash at hand. Of course, it’s not a safe practice, and no one will want to move around with tremendous amount of money in their pockets, this is where this transfer code comes in as you can make those transactions without having to withdraw physical cash.
  3. Works for Any Network: You might be wondering if your local network provider or sim card provider supports this feature. It’s good news that this feature is a respecter of no Network provider as far as you used the number to open your account, you have full access to use the Diamond Bank transfer code. What can be more interesting?
  4. No Need for the Internet: It doesn’t require the internet for you to carry out transactions. What this just means is that you can use your Nokia torch phone to carry out operations on the go without having to subscribe to for the internet access and creating a hole in your purse as far as your Diamond Bank account number is registered with the phone number.
  5. Saves Time: You are definitely from Pluto if you prefer to stand in that long queue rather than using your precious time to attend to other things that need your time most. The Diamond Bank transfer code saves you a whole lot of time as you have access to your bank account using even your Nokia torch phone.
  6. You Have Control: There is not a limitation to your transaction, because the workday principle won’t have a say as you would be able the use the Diamond Bank Money Transfer code even on weekends to make transactions, make payment and receive payments during weekends.

I believe by now that you eagerly want to know how to use the Diamond Bank Money Transfer code, and I won’t with wasting any time further. Continue to see how.

How to Transfer Money Using the Diamond Bank Money Transfer Code

  1. Once you have registered, dial *710*710*PHONE-NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# from your mobile phone, after that, follow the on-screen instructions to transfer funds to another Diamond Bank Account. For instance, *710*710*08030000000*15000*1111# to transfer ₦15,000.
  2. For you to directly transfer money from your account, dial *710*777*PHONE-NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# from your mobile phone to transfer funds to another person’s account in another Bank. For instance, *710*777*08030000000*15000*1111# to transfer ₦15,000.


Boom! You have successfully transferred money using the Diamond bank money transfer code.  What’s next? We will appreciate if you share this post because some of your friends might see this information helpful. Do let us know in the comment section what you think and let us know if there is any other bank related issue you need help on, we would do our best to get you the accurate information required.


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