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Adele Dazzles Fans On Instagram

Adele doesn’t engage much on Instagram, but when she finally decides to spend time with fans, the probability she’ll cosplay as one of her musical icons is really high.

In 2018, she transformed into the striking image of Dolly Parton, replete with a salmon pink feather boa and a voluminous blonde wig. Now the British singer has decided to be someone else.

Just this morning, Adele shared a photo of herself dressed as singer-songwriter June Carter Cash of Carter Family fame (who was also Johnny Cash’s second wife).

To fully style herself as the late country icon, who was also an actress, Adele wore a long, semi-sheer periwinkle Temperley London gown finished with beautiful white appliqué and a long brown wig.
As we know, When Adele decides to commit to a particular look, she does it passionately.


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