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10 High in Demand Everyday Product in Nigeria


10 High in Demand Everyday Product in Nigeria

hot in demand products

Getting into the buying and selling business in Nigeria can be confusing especially when you do not know the exact products that are high in demand. Considering the population of Nigeria, it wouldn’t be a waste of your time to delve into the Nigerian market and making profit off it.

10 High in Demand Products in Nigeria

hot in demand productsStarting a buy and sell business basically demands you to search for those products that people will always demand for because they cannot do without it. These products most of the times compliment the basic needs of people.

There are a lot of products in the market today that an average Nigerian can’t do without. What’s ringing in your head right now? Knowing such products gives you an edge in the Nigerian business industry.

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1. Books and Magazines

Try going to a book shop or a newspaper spot in Nigeria, there are a lot of people in these places trying to get access to information.

Being a student, I can say this without doubt, students consume a lot of books both for educational purposes and much more. An average bookshop in a school environment like my school makes over 50,000 naira in sales daily during school resumption period.

Starting a bookshop business wouldn’t be a bad especially if you would be doing it in a school environment.

2. Car tracking devices

One thing that makes you sell so well is “selling solution to problems”. There have been news of a lot of cars being hijacked in Nigeria. Many people already know about this and are looking for th best security they can get out there for their cars.

Fronting a car tracking device to them will definitely be a dream come through for them, and they surely will be likely to buy.

3. Building materials

This is no brain work. Nigeria is a developing country and there are a lot of cities under developed. You wonder why Dangote made so much money from producing cement.

Get a building material shop close to a still developing area and make crazy sales. One thing about this niche is that the business is profitable.

4. Generator

Remember solution to problems are the most likely to sell. In a country like Nigeria where there is inadequate power supply, in other for people to use their televisions, charge their devices and do some other basic thing that require power, they need an alternative to the power supply by the government.

Setting up a business where you will sell generators will work because everyone likes luxury.

5. Computer and Accessories

The use of computers in the world is at its peak and Nigeria isn’t left aside. Think about it, every parent want a laptop for their children, every industry is somehow going digital, schools now do e-learning meaning every student will be needing a computer.

If you take advantage of this, you will record success by simply by selling computers and their accessories such as chargers, hard drives, flash drives, packs etc.

6. Cooking Gas

Even my grand ma’am wants to cook with a gas. Oh how I miss good old days when I used to put pear in my grandma’s fire when she cooks with a firewood.

Since gas invaded Nigeria, everyone wants to own a gas cooker and this has led to the increase in demand. What does this tell you? Increase in demand means more money to your pocket if you sell gas cylinders and cookers.

7. Hair extensions

No lady wants to dull oo.. Nigerian women are really crazy about fashion, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to you when you hear of people buying expensive hairs that amount to hundreds of thousands of naira.

Little Secrete: Nigerian girls compete a lot and want to be the best in their league. Nigerian girls also use their hair to know how much they worth, In a place like this, selling high quality hairs will definitely give you successful results in your business.

8. Cosmetics

What are the most expensive things people spend huge amount of money in in Nigeria?

If we decide to make a list, believe me, cosmetics will make it to the top 3. Nigerians especially women, can go to any extent to get the latest and best cosmetics as far as they can afford it. When dressing up for an occasion, women spend the most time making up. It’s also a fact that every teenage girl in Nigeria wants a complete makeup kit. So this isn’t a bad business at all as there are a lot of people to patronize you.

9. Detergents and Toiletries

Of course I was taught personal hygiene in primary school. Detergents and toiletries is one a country like Nigeria can’t do without. In fact, after food and water, I think toiletries and the most consumed products in Nigeria. There are already a lot of brands producing these products, if you feel you can’t run production yourself, then it’s easy. Buy in whole sell and resell to retailers and direct consumers.

10. Information

Hey! Believe it or not, if you are an average intelligent person, you have an information someone out there is looking for.

Oh now you are asking “How can I make money from this” right?

Start a blog, start giving information on that topic you know much about. On the other hand, you can write or record a video course on the information you which you have broad knowledge about.

Thanks to social media, one can easily market their products or services with ease.


If this article was an eye opener to you, do well to share it to your friends on social networks and also let us know if there are any other businesses you think are lucrative for a Nigerian and why in the comment box below.

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